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Quality, GLP and Environment integrated Policy

The objectives of Isoquimen are:

  • The production and distribution of Laboratory animals, the performance of experimental procedures and obtaining, processing and distribution of animal products and by-products in the field of biomedical research, in order to:
  • provide Customers sanitary quality of the supplied animals, quality and technical support in the performance of experimental procedures, quality in the supplied products and by-products and quality in the transport service.
  • provide the animals produced and supplied with life quality, avoiding unnecessary pain, suffering, stress and long-term injuries.
  • avoid any duplication of unnecessary procedures and reduce to the maximum extend the animals used in the procedures.
  • Identify and control the environmental aspects with the aim to protect efficiently people, facilities and surroundings, preventing pollution at the same time.

In order to accomplish with these objectives, the Management of Isoquimen, SL establishes the following Policy:

  • Management of the Organization under the parameters of a Quality Management System, according to UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015.
  • Management of the Studies according the GLP, under the parameters of the Royal Decree 1369/2000, from July the 19th.
  • Creation and maintenance of a suitable Quality Guarantee Programme, as established in the Principles of Good Laboratory Practices.
  • Identification and guarantee of accomplishing the legal requirements that apply, as well as any other requirement established by the Organization, related with the Quality System, with the GLP and the Environmental Aspects.
  • Understand the needs and expectations of the interested parties in order to provide products or services that satisfy the requirements of the clients as well as the legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Establish a systematic to carry out an analysis of risks and opportunities for processes in order to detect its potential or real causes and establish actions to eliminate or reduce them.
  • Performance of the necessary formation activities for the sensibility and competence of the Staff in order to improve the efficacy in the performed activities regarding technical aspects, attention and care of our animals and environmental aspects.
  • Guarantee of a register of titles, capacities, experience and individual job description for each professional and or technical.
  • Reinforce the motivation, inquiry and participation of the Staff in any level as the base for the continuous improvement of the Quality Management.
  • Establishment and checking systematically inside the Quality Committee the Quality Objective in order to guarantee the efficacy and efficiency of the Management System.
  • Guarantee of the availability of enough qualified Staff, appropriate facilities, equipment, materials and validated software for the suitable performance of the Studies, as well as the resources with efficacy to achieve the established Objectives.
  • Guarantee of the maintenance of a historical file of all the Standard Operational Procedures of the own work and all the generated documents as a result of the contact with the Customers. Guarantee of choosing a responsible for the management of the file.
  • The Management requests the maximum collaboration and participation of all Isoquimen, SL staff in the orientation of their activity according to this policy, and assumes the commitment to provide all the necessary resources to maintain and improve the implemented quality management system.

    Test Facility Management

      Toni Bermúdez Martos